I spent this past weekend racking my brain…how can I help bloggers achieve the same success I have online through my blogs? I created the Ramped Blogging eBook and gave it away for free…I showed you how to pick up over $100k in free review product through Ramped Reviews…what else can I put out there that would drastically help you guys improve (or start) your blogs?

Then it hit me…what normally happens with 99% of the eBooks that are download on the Internet…especially the free ones. You read through them once, pull out one or two great ideas and try to take action. But – inevitably – the eBook gets shelved and you go onto the next free or paid eBook that promises to make you the next top blogger.

I took a lot of time tweaking and condensing Ramped Blogging into a success roadmap that you can follow from start to finish and realize successful blogging for yourself. To make sure you get the most out of Ramped Blogging and everything you can accomplish through those techniques, I released a free Ramped Blogging eCourse with every copy of Ramped Blogging. I want to make sure I do everything I can to help you down that road to success and by keeping you engaged with the content…we can do that together with the 7 week eCourse.

Traffic Bonuses – Let Me Help You Get Traffic!

Now…in order to give as much as I can to this project and your blog, I have included traffic bonuses within the 7 week eCourse to entice you to take the action necessary to have a successful blog. Once you have completed the weekly challenges, I am going to help you drive traffic to those articles and tasks. That’s right! Free traffic from Robb Sutton and all you have to do is complete tasks that grow your blog.

Why On Earth Are You Taking On This Workload?!

Some may wonder…why are you – Robb Sutton – taking on this workload for free?! Over the weekend, I was out mowing my grass and helping my wife out with duties around the house when it hit me. Have you ever had one of those one liner ideas just hit your brain with such force that you stop what you are doing to enjoy the light-bulb above your head?

I have always subscribed to one theory in blogging and it is the core behind my success.

You have to help people with your blog or you will never make a living at blogging.

Now…that is not what hit me like a ton of bricks. As I look around the web at different blogs and try to analyze why some blogs make it big while others struggle to get by…I see one constant that has always been true. The #1 reason most blogs fail is because…

They want to help themselves more than they want to help their readers.

I want to keep extending my want/desire to help you guys be successful…and the only way to do this at this point in time is to give it all away for free. Could I charge you $297 for this content? Sure…but that would keep me farther away from my goal of helping…which makes it so I can not afford to release this at that price. I want to reach as many bloggers as I can…and this is the way to do it and encourage taking action.

The Free 7 week eCourse is closed at this time.