We have all said this line at one point in time…I know I have multiple times…

One day, I am going to…

Sounds good at the time. You have some day off in the future that you are going to accomplish some task that is going to drastically improve your lifestyle. You would do it now, but there is too much going on so you do not have the time. Just wait though…at that future date you are going to have the time and it is going to be great!

The truth…”one day” is too late. That “one day” time period never actually comes and you are always going to refer to it in a future tense. In all reality, we are always going to be too busy. There are always going to be things that come up unexpectedly and if we keep on waiting until that one day…we will always be waiting.

As business owners, bloggers and general life design connoisseurs…we constantly have a barrage of ideas that slam our craniums on a daily basis. Within the hour, we know whether or not that idea has any promise, and – if it does – we write it down and start planning out future projects. As time rolls on…so does the list and what you are left with is a bunch of great ideas that never saw the first step into completion.

What gets in our way of achieving our goals is laziness and procrastination.  The easy route is to generate ideas. The hard journey is making sure those great ideas become reality. How many people over the course of your life have you heard the “one day…” line from? How many of those people actually saw that one day come? My guess…and I am probably right…is that an incredibly small percentage of those people (less than 5%) actually took the first step forward and an even smaller percentage saw the idea all the way through to the end.

That is what separates the successful from the laborers…the ability and determination to see the idea all the way past “one day”. If you are constantly making ideas and projects that will happen “one day” you are already one day too late. Now is the time to start formulating success for the future and if you are waiting for the future – you are going to always be waiting.

Waiting Photo by zIe7e