I am as guilty of this as the next guy. It is natural in human nature to blame someone else for our issues. It is their fault that I am struggling. If he wouldn’t drive so slow, I would have made that traffic light and then I wouldn’t have been late to the meeting! Of course, if I would have gotten up 5 minutes earlier, not taken up as much time with my coffee and ended up leaving the house 10 minutes earlier than I did…missing that light wouldn’t have meant anything. I would have been on time because I took ownership and responsibility for my issue!

Novel concept I know. I think…down deep…our subconscious wants our self created problems to be someone else’s fault. That is the easier road to travel as we do not have to change a damn thing about ourselves. There is always that boss that does not understand our worth and under pays us…there is always that relative that has it so much easier and does not understand how bad you really have it…there will always be that stranger that completely ruined your day. The larger question is…what can you do about these people? Nothing! You can only take action on what you personally have control over!

As you go through your day…I want you to take something with you. Successful people in life and in business are not at the mercy of others…ever. They take ownership of their shortcomings and do something about it. Is everything always perfect? Absolutely not! But…these same people learn from their mistakes and take action to insure they are not another victim to circumstances.

I walk around all day listening to people explain why things are the fault of others. If everyone in this world spent half the amount of time they spend blaming others for their misfortunes and converted that into action time to fix their problems, where do you think the world would be today? For some people, it will be a life changing event as everything in their life is the fault of someone else.

Every time I am pointing the finger at someone else in blame…I have to remember…there are four more fingers pointing right back at me.

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. It’s a day where we give thanks for the family, friends and good things we have going on in our lives. To celebrate, we all get fat and happy around more food than we can eat and then sleep it off in front of the TV.

What better way to give thanks for the past year than to eat great food?!

This time last year, my wife and I were contemplating getting another Boxer so our female…Hemi…could have a friend to play with throughout the day. The following story of Hans has probably been the most rewarding thing my wife and I have done over the past year.

On Boxer Given A Second Chance

This story starts with the want to get another dog. Our princess – Hemi – was starting to get a little too spoiled and we wanted another dog that she could run around with since Boxer’s have A LOT of energy. We thought, “what better way than to get her a friend?!”. After a lot of thought, we decided to rescue another Boxer instead of going through a breeder like we had previously. At first, that decision was really a selfish one…as much as we love puppies…we were hoping to get a dog that was already house trained.

Hemi and Hans

After a lot of going back and forth with various Boxer rescues in the Atlanta area, we settled on Atlanta Boxer Rescue and waited for them to match us up with a dog. Little did we know..they were going to match us up with Hans…a brindle male. Apparently, it isn’t a good thing to throw two females in one house…who would have known?!

Once they had Hans ready, we took Hemi with us and visited the foster house. Right away, Hemi and Hans started chasing and playing with each other in the foster parents backyard, so…I looked at Jenn and said…”that’s the one”. We signed all of the necessary paperwork and I put him in the truck to take him home.

Hans Hunting - BoxerNow…the back end story for Hans. Apparently, Atlanta Boxer Rescue was called on Hans’ “last day” at the pound. For those of you that don’t already know…the “last day” at the pound is not a good thing. ABR took Hans in and we was rescued pretty quickly. A guy rescued him that lived downtown who had supposedly owned Boxers his entire life growing up. Well…he brought him back 2 weeks later claiming that he just wasn’t a dog person anymore. Crazy…I know.

Anyway…then we step in and take Hans. What has proceeded to happen over the course of this year is that Hans has given back way more to our family than we could ever give in return. There is something about this dog that is incredibly special. I love my female to death, but there is something about the way that Hans looks you dead in the eye and all you feel is thanks and love. It is really crazy. To the point that everyone that comes over says the exact same thing after being around him for a little while.

It is almost as if he knows he is on borrowed time and he is 100% thankful for everything he has around him. Hans is my daily reminder to be thankful for the big and small blessings I have in my life. I have a great wife, a great house and a great family. Over the course of this year, my wife and I have had to go through some pretty hard things that have been taxing on both of us. But we are getting through and trying to enjoy the smaller things that bring brightness to every day.

On rougher days…we are able to look into the eyes of our dogs and know that everything is going to be ok. I truly believe that we were meant to have this dog in our house. It sounds weird, but everything just fits so perfectly that I think each of us had to go through certain life experiences to end up where we are to enjoy what we have. For that reason, my rescue dog has been the smartest personal and business decision I have made all year.

It’s Friday, I feel like kicking back and watching videos so I thought I would share one with you guys that gives a little insight into my weekend life. As you have probably already noticed, I do not post much on the weekends on this blog or my others. I typically use the weekends as a chance to get out and enjoy life outside of the weekly grind. Luckily, Bike198.com is my outlet for all things cycling related and it allows me to test out all of the newest gear in the industry.

This past weekend, I grabbed the Niner W.F.O. 9 review bike (those that don’t ride mtb have zero clue what that is!) and the VholdR ContourHD helmet cam to go get some riding done in Tennessee. As you can see by the video, there were leaves everywhere. So bad in fact, that it was hard to even see the trail! We had a blast anyway and the weather was perfect.

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