Yesterday morning, I checked my post for the day and found that I was getting a lot of StumbleUpon traffic on that particular article (you can find it here). Now, just like any blog or website owner, I wanted to capitalize on this increased traffic for the day, so I needed more readers to Stumble the article and push it to higher levels of traffic. Social media traffic is 100% dependent on your readers and the new visitors due to the nature of the social media site. In this case, StumbleUpon was sending me the new, eager eyes, so how could I make sure that more readers hit the thumbs up button to keep the traffic flow going? Continue reading 4 Tips to Increase Your StumbleUpon Traffic

I find it incredibly surprising…well not really…how many make money online bloggers there are out there that don’t actually make any money online! If you look at any of the successful MMO bloggers out there…Darren of Problogger, John Chow, Shoemoney, etc….they all MADE MONEY on another blog before they ever even started talking about making money online. Seems like a simple concept really…talk about what you have experience in. How are you going to tell your readers how to race a car if you have never been in a car race? How are you going to instruct and teach them how to cook if the most complicated meal you have ever made is cereal? You can’t! So why are all of these bloggers out there blogging about making money online when they have zero experience in the subject?

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For a little while now, I have been testing out TwitSniper to find targeted people to follow on Twitter. One of the difficult things about Twitter is finding key people to follow in the hope that they will check out your profile, visit your site and decide to follow you back. In most cases, you are heavily dependent upon site traffic and word of mouth to spread your reach on Twitter. Your other option, using the search function built into Twitter, can be extremely labor intensive to get even several targeted Twitter leads.

TwitSniper looks to take all of this searching and following out of your hands and into this simple application. TwitSniper installs much like a standard installation of WordPress requiring that you upload the files and setup a simple database. You fill in a config file almost identical to the one that you find in WordPress.

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Did you know that you can actually use Twitter as a source for industry contacts that will send you free product to review for your blog? It’s true and I am doing it on a daily basis. Large and small companies alike are learning the power of social media at an alarming rate. Everyday, I have more companies following my Twitter accounts to stay on top of the latest web news and to keep an eye on Internet trends.

Twitter is growing at a rate of 50% per day according to the last calculations as this post is being drafted. That is a gigantic resource for you to pull from to create long lasting blog readers and personal contacts with companies at that are searching for relevant websites that can create more media around their products and services. So how do you tap into this vast resource to get products to review on your blog?
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