I use my iPhone for a number of different functions. One of those functions is to provide my MacBook Pro with an internet source while on the move. In previous generations of the iPhone software, I had to jailbreak my iPhone 3G and use PDAnet to basically (ok…technically illegally) tether my iPhone and my laptop.

With the introduction of the iPhone 3.0 update, the iPhone saw laptop tethering as an OEM option for the first time ever! Great…fantastic…where do I sign up? Wait…you have AT&T? Sorry…no dice for you. You have to wait until AT&T releases their tethering service and at that point in time you are going to have to pay an arm and a leg for it. The whole idea really baffles me anyway as I pay for unlimited data as it is, but to not offer it out of the gate is semi-ridiculous too.

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