What fills up a stadium full of fans? The love of the game? No…the fans pour into stadiums, tune in on tv and read articles on the internet with the hope they can be apart of greatness. How many times did you grandfather tell you about perfect game when you were a kid? How many times has your father told you about his friend that overcame a huge obstacle in life to achieve success? When Lance Armstrong takes his first pedal stroke in the Tour de France, viewers come out in record numbers to watch and cheer hoping for another come from the back victory. Underdogs in playoffs around the world are cheered on as they go after the impossible defying all odds. When cancer patients push through the pain and beat the disease…we cry with happiness and bring motivation to the next fighter. What is the common theme amongst all great things in this world…a hero.

What is a hero?

A hero is not a perfect human being that has achieved greatness with ease. A hero is a person who has overcome adversity to achieve new heights of success that touch us to the core. They arouse feelings of joy and pain as we watch these super humans pull up towards the front…defying all odds. Perfection is boring. In life, we want to see people pull themselves from the wreckage to achieve greatness. It is this imperfection that draws us closer to these individuals as we can relate where they came from and how they live. Through struggle and persistence, these hero’s showed us that a regular person can still make it in life. A regular person can fight and bring about change by pushing forward. Hero’s show us that it can still be done no matter what the world says. Hero’s tell a story and give us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Why does blogging need more hero’s?

Becoming a blogging hero - Blogging Success - Tell a story

Truly successful bloggers have a heroic story to tell. When you look at the Jeremy Schoemaker’s, Darren Rowse’s, John Chow’s and Zac Johnson’s, you see stories that end in success. These bloggers did not start off successful. They built themselves up from real issues in their own lives that range from large debt, getting fired from jobs and even health issues. The reason they are successful and touch the lives of so many is because of their success story. Their pull from the wreckage, defying all odds story touches the lives of their readers as they continue to climb the ladder. Readers are able to engage and relate to these bloggers on a very personal level.

The successful bloggers are not just another copycat. They are originals with original stories. As others try to imitate their success…they fail because they lack the foundation of a personal story behind their blog. Blogging needs more hero’s to jump up from the wreckage and achieve greatness. With more and more eager bloggers all looking to make their next easy fortune with their words, the blogging world is getting saturated with boring crap that is not a story…it is purely just an attempt at income.

When you start looking at your blog from an objective level, are you telling your story? Many times…we leave out the most personal aspects in our lives and replace them with boring attempts at income production. The transparency in life and your personal involvement with your readers is what is going to grow your blog to record levels. By bringing your story to your blog, you can become the hero in your niche. Where others falter, you will succeed by connecting with your readers on a deep level that can only be achieved by sharing your failures as much as your successes.

There is and always will be bland blogs that are void of feeling and personality. It is your job, as a real blogger, to bring that emotion back to the web. When you write your blog posts, they need to be an extension of who you are as you continue to pump out content related to your niche. Use the transparency in your life to connect with your readers. Even those who do not share the same feelings and experiences as you do…will respect where you have come from and where you are going. Fight the urge to create an anonymous, lifeless blog by stepping out and being vulnerable. By stepping out and sharing your life and experiences with others…you are able to create your own heroic story through your blogging.

Everyone has a story to tell…what is yours?

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