Simple question with a more complex answer: Would you subscribe to your blog or even read it from time to time if it was not yours?

The first instinctive answer that jumps to your mouth and quickly responds before you have had time to think about the question is…”Yes! Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” Why is that your first instinctive answer? Because it is natural to believe that your blog, which is an expression of yourself, is unique and interesting enough that you would just devour the content and spread it to the world if it was not yours.

The reality…it is very easy to get stuck in the trap of not taking an objective look at your blog. You are blinded by your own creation in the pursuit of greatness completely ignoring the fact that you might be bland and unoriginal. When you start to take an objective look at your blogging attempting to look from outside the creators mind, there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself in the quest to produce a long lasting blog that attracts new readers and subscribers.

Blogging Honesty Questions

Are you unique?

As you take a lot at your blog from the outside, does your content look like a carbon copy of another successful bloggers work? Are you providing something unique and different for your readers that they can not find anywhere else? There are hundreds upon thousands of blogs on the web that attempt to replicate the success of others, and while this is not completely a bad think in and of itself…this imitation often falls into the carbon copy category as the blogger struggles to find their own voice and direction. Take a true objective look at your blogging and reach to find ways to deliver unique content to your readers. By continually providing unique content that can not be found on another blog, you are going to carve out your own niche and following that some other beginner blogger may someday attempt to replicate.

Are you publishing quality or quantity?

Are you throwing up posts on a daily basis because that is the advice you have received? Does this content sometimes fall below the quality line but you post it anyway to keep with a schedule? One of the biggest mistakes beginning bloggers make is publishing sub-par content in an attempt to keep with a schedule. As you look through the content on your blog, are there articles that need to be edited, cleaned up or redirected? First impressions are vitally important in any peer to peer relationship, so keep that in mind as the article you publish today may be your first impression on a potential subscriber. Do not publish content that does not meet the cut just so you will keep a schedule.

Does your blog represent you?

Is your personality coming through on your blog? I fall into this trap pretty regularly. As I draft blog posts, I have to step away from the form of writing that has been beat into our minds our entire lives…term papers and reports. Let’s be honest, throughout our professional and educational careers, the powers that be have advocated EXTREMELY BORING writing. A blog should be an expression of who you are and the more you bring yourself into your blogging, the more people will be attracted to what you have to say! Your blog content has to be an extension of your personality and life and not a reference manual with footnotes. Not only is it ok to stray away from normal writing styles and language…it is encouraged!

Challenge Yourself and Your Blog

Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not easy. Blogging…technically…can be viewed as an art form. Like most art forms, blogging is based off of self expression and your unique voice, attitude and content comes with practice. To really grow as a blogger and find the success that other pro bloggers have realized, you need to continually take an objective look at your blogging to make the necessary improvements that are required for success.

Image by tim caynes