President Obama and President Bush

Yesterday was a historic day in United States history, Barack Obama officially became the first black President of the United States. All partisan politics aside, I do believe that this shows how far the American culture has come in a very short amount of time. Now…that said…I do not agree with most of President Obama’s politics.

  • I do not believe in raising taxes on corporate America. Anyone in corporate America or with any history in economics knows that by increasing taxes on “big business”, you increase the cost of living for every day American’s. To make up for the increased taxes, large corporations raise their prices and in turn…our retail prices increase. There are certain margins that large corporations have to hold to keep the doors open, and in the interest of their shareholders and employees…they will make sure this happens.
  • I do not believe in more government control. I do believe that we need the government for public services such as police, roads, education, etc., but the more the government tries to govern our daily lives and income, the more inefficient it becomes. It has already done such a great job no matter who was in office (sarcastic), do you really want this inefficient machine controlling even more of your lives?
  • I do not believe that it is the governments responsibility to make sure that every American has retirement funds. I do believe that every American should take control of their own lives and plan accordingly. Why should the people that plan ahead and follow the rules pay for the mistakes of those who don’t?

Barack Obama believes in social programs and he also believes that these social programs will stimulate the economy. I do not believe that giving money to American’s who do not want to work will stimulate the economy. I do believe that lightening taxes on small businesses (this includes the people in the $250,00 and up range) will bring the cost down of doing business and employ more jobs.

Barack Obama also wants to increase government spending on roads and infrastructure to stimulate the economy by creating jobs and bringing industry to areas that are in desperate need. This is one area of President Obama’s plan that I can at least get on board with. While I do not agree with spending more money to try to relieve debt, at least this plan is not just throwing money away. The country will get resources that it desperately needs.

These summaries are very simple explanations to very detailed issues, but there is one very strong point that needs to be addressed. This point has nothing to do with President Obama’s politics.

The American Public Has Lost It’s Class

As a conservative thinker, I can step away from party lines and support our new President of the United States. Just as with any President, no matter what party they originate from, I deeply hope they do an incredible job. Wishing that a President does not succeed is un-American. Not supporting the current President in office is also un-American.

There are reports and video footage of Americans booing President Bush and defacing national monuments. When did the freedom of speech that we enjoy as United State citizens become outright rude? American’s…as a whole…have lost their class.

As Americans…we need to stand up for what is right. We need to not tolerate actions such as these, and support or leaders. The right to question or leaders is one that we should hold dear to our hearts, but I do not believe in disrespecting them. Disrespect and questioning are two very different subjects.

I also think this needs to start up top. Both sides of the political line have gotten far too cutthroat during political campaigns. How are we supposed to trust these elected officials to run our country if they can not even get along with each other? President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did nothing but completely rip into each other during their competing campaigns, and now we, the American public, are supposed to believe that they can effectively work together in the White House. This is an example from the Democratic ticket, but there are just as many from the Republican side. We need to hold our politicians to the standards that we believe they need to run the country.

Welcome President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

With all of this said…I welcome Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Honestly, I hope he does an incredible job as President and helps bring us out of our current slump. Even though I did not vote for you, I will support you as our President. America is in need of change, if you are the change it really needs…time will tell. In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck as the 44th President of the United States.