mtb198…site design is your means of connecting that content with your readers. You hear the phrase “content is king” over and over again. I don’t know about you…but I am sick of hearing it! Yes, if you do not write interesting, useful and engaging content, you will not have consistent readers. That should be a given,  so I am going to step away from that fact for now assuming that you have this kind of content.

You can have the best content on the web, but if you do not make that content easily accessible and wrap it in a package that is appealing to your readers…no one is going to read it or return to your site. How many times have you walked by a poorly packaged item in the grocery store and didn’t think twice about picking it up. Why did you not even try this new product that might just be the best thing you have ever tasted? Because right next to it was a supremely marketed, sub par good that caught your eye and kept your attention. Web site development and design is very much the same.

Let’s walk through a site redesign…

Recently, Mountain Biking by 198 outgrew its meager beginnings and was in drastic need of a redesign. The old site design worked just fine for the period of time, but with new expansion and a multitude of high end, expensive product coming in for review…the site needed a design that would better fit its needs and the needs of the readers, contributing manufacturers and advertisers.

As with any design project of this scope, I recommend going to an expert in the field. I sat down with Justin Shattuck over at and we planned out what the goals of the new site should be as we went forward with the project. Here is the list we came up with. Continue reading Content Is King…But…

trainThey say that imitation is the best form of flattery. A friend of mine…regularjoe on Flickr…took a picture recently of a train on the tracks. Ever since then…I have been on the lookout for a similar situation because I absolutely love that picture. As I was driving through Panama City yesterday, I saw this train preparing for departure from a large industrial site. It was the perfect opportunity so I stopped for a couple of shots. Ideally, this shot would have taken place during a different hour, but the overcast setting seemed to add a little something for me. Continue reading Preparation

Whether you are online or brick and mortar, you always want to have your finger on the pulse of the industry. What are the fastest selling products? Where is the money being made? What are the new technologies and trends? Those firms, blogs and small companies that stay fluid and keep the lastest growing trend in their industry at the forefront, will see continued growth as they grow with the industry. Those that stay stagnant and stuck in their old ways…falter and eventually die out.

So you are writing a blog or starting a small business and you want to know what is happening in your industry. Typically the first place every entrepreneur or casual researcher looks is market trending analysis to see what is hot and new! What is the retail market buying and where are they buying it? Continue reading Market Trending and How It Affects Your Blog/Business

When you take a look over your blog…ask yourself one simple question… “Are you the solution?”

Potential blog readers search the web scouring for solutions to their problems. These solutions may be how-to, informational, advice or anything else that presents an answer to their problem. The fact is…search engine traffic is just that…in search of something.

How can I be the solution?

  • Be Entertaining – Entertainment will bring back visitors time and time again. While not thought of as a solution in the conventional sense, entertainment feeds the need of enjoyment in your readers. Providing unique, entertaining content will gravitate readers towards your blog and provide long lasting, engaged readers. When it boils down to it…we all want to be entertained. Continue reading Are You The Solution?